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Fit 4 Golf Philosophy:

“Fortis Performance Systems combines all aspects of the game to elevate athletes to the next level. With physical training and coaching, the golf fitness training program provides a rigorous and disciplined schedule to help cultivate the games best athletes”​

– Kevin Brösamle, FORTIS Founder, S&C Coach of division 1 Golf Team GCH

What Clients Say About The Fit 4 Golf Program

Fabian Braun, HCP 11,0

FORTIS gave me the best possible start to the golf fitness world! I got the the right program for everything. Stretching, max strength, speed training and cardio. Without his coaching I would have never been able to achieve the progress I made this fast and I would also not have learned so much for myself. I can also recommend Kevin as a coach off the course because his training not only benefitted my golf game but general fitness. It was a pleasure and will be!

Marco Dietrich, HCP 1,3

When I started training with FORTIS I was stuck in the ‘winter hole’. Snow outside, no golf tournaments in sight and I was slightly demotivated. Shifting my focus to performance indicators like strength, club head speed, a decreased level of body fat and so on helped me to get my motivation back. Eventually I got into the training routine and saw fast results. Especially regarding my mobility. And with increased mobility comes increased length and strength. This experience was awesome. And btw. I also lost some pounds.

Julian Wuttke, HCP 2,1

The reason why I started the Fit 4 Golf program with Kevin was the need for a fixed program. I needed someone who gives me a proven Gameplan to get from A to B. This is what the coaching provided me with. Strength Sessions, golf speed sessions and nutrition guidlines. The biggest surprise was the increase in mobility and flexibility. 

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EVOLUTION: More than six years of hard work, learning and experience has allowed Kevin to create the most complete and challenging golf fitness training program available. We’re unique in what we offer and the results are clear to see. MISSION: Kevin is passionate about helping as many people as possible to be healthier, fitter and stronger on and off the golf course.

I believe good nutrition, fitness and better movement quality can lead to a better quality of life, and ultimately, improve your golf performance.

Let’s change the game, hit longer drives and feel great on and off the golf course!